Vickies RV Park Rules

  • Monthly Rates- Our rates are based on two persons per rig. A $4.00 per person charge will be applied to campers age 6 and up. Children are not allowed to stay on a monthly basis. Your site cannot be used by friends or family if you are not here. Payment is due at check-in. Monthly rent is due on your due date (the date your checked in) plus electricity which is charged at 0.14 per kilowatt-hour. Failure to pay by your due date will result in a $5 per day late fee. Cash, check or credit cards will be accepted. Returned checks will incur a $25 NSF charge. Monthly rates will not be pro-rated. If paying a monthly rate and decide to stay for a partial month, the partial-month fee will be based on the weekly and daily rates. No refunds if you’ve paid a monthly rate and decide to leave early unless your stay is shortened by two weeks or more. The refund will be based on the difference between the monthly rate and a combination of weekly and daily rates.
  • Guests and Additional Family Members- $4 per day per person will be charged for guests or family members age 6 and up. Guest and additional family members must be registered at the park office. Only two vehicles per RV site.
  • Internet- Wi-Fi is for personal use only. No Skypeing, video-chat, or streaming is allowed. We reserve the right to block unsanctioned internet usage.
  • Mail- You may drop off outgoing mail in our designated box.
  • Pet Policy- We are a pet-friendly RV park. But please be considerate of other guests. We do not allow aggressive breeds or persistent barking and reserve the right to dismiss any RV’ers who violate the pet policy. Pets are not allowed in park buildings. Owners are responsible for bagging their pets’ poop. Poop bags will be provided at the park office. Do not walk your pets through other guests’ sites. All pets must be leashed when walking. Pets may not be tied to any fixed object outside or kept in outside pens, compartments, or kennels of any kind.
  • Fires, Firearms, and Fireworks- No ground fires, loaded firearms, or fireworks are allowed. (Includes BB, pellet, or paintball guns).
  • Grills- You may grill on RV-attached grills or grills placed on the grass. Please place a grease can or some sort of grease-catcher under your grill to protect the ground and grass. Do not grill on the pavement or place your grill on tables or chairs. Do not dump your ashes on the ground. Ashes must be disposed of properly in designated waste cans.
  • Rig or Vehicle Washing- Rig or vehicle washing is not allowed unless approved by management. If approved, you must wash with a hose and shut-off nozzle. No washing off on paved sites or watering of yards.
  • Parking- No more than two vehicles per pull-through site and one vehicle per back-in site. Do not park on the grass or block any portion of a neighboring site.
  • Other Vehicles-No golf carts, scooters, or ATVs allowed. Motorcycles are allowed only as transportation to and from the park. You may request permission from management to use your personal golf cart. Proof of insurance and a signed waiver will be required if approval is granted. The use of motorized chairs must be approved by management.
  • Flags and Window Blocking- To avoid damaging the park’s underground electrical and TV cable wires and water and sewer lines, please do not place flags or poles in the ground. You may not block or shade your windows with anything other than curtains, shades, or blinds.
  • Age of rig or vehicle- Management must approve rigs and vehicles 10 years old or older.
  • Alcohol- Drunkenness will not be tolerated. Please keep responsible alcoholic consumption limited to your own site and properly dispose of all beverage containers.
  • No rugs, mats, or carpets are allowed on any of the grassy areas. 

Vickie’s RV Park has the legal right to refuse or revoke service at any time under Texas Penal Code 30.05 (a). Vickie’s RV Park reserves the right to enforce its rules and regulations. Violation of the rules and regulations may result in your being asked to vacate your site and the premises.


By signing your name below, you agree to abide by the rules and regulations set forth and adopted by Vickie’s RV Park. 

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